Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Loooooong time, no post!!

Well hello again!

It's been a long long while since I last made an entry here!  Life has been so busy and I am kinda sad that I haven't managed to keep up to date, what an interesting read it would make with everything that's been going on.

So I made it to Uni...seem's a long time ago now.  Entering my third (and FINAL!!) year in midwifery very soon.  It's been an exhausting and emotional journey so far, but just how amazing it's been more than makes up for the struggles.  Still got loads and loads to do, so graduation and qualification is still a very unreal and far away prospect.  It has been such a wonderful two years so far.  I have met some absolutely lovely families and have learned lots from so many people.  I have felt so privileged to be a part of the most intimate journey for women and their families.  The strength I see within women is phenomenal.  I can't thank every client enough who has put their trust in me, and allowed me to learn from each individuals unique experience.  It has given me so much confidence and self belief in what I do.  The academic side of things has been tough.  Lots of writing! but the support from tutors has been brilliant.  Trying to knuckle down and get my last few assignments done to complete second year.  So we'll see how that goes!!

As for you Waitrose partners out there, I am still working!...Just.  Very tough keeping it going with Uni.  Especially when working full time on placement.  However both Uni and work are very flexible and I have been very lucky to do both.

So anyway, should really get back to writing assignments.  I endeavor to keep my blog up to date.  However, as a trainee midwife, who knows if I'll have the time!

Love xxx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

01/02/2011 - Volunteering day 2

For my second volunteering day at Poole Maternity Unit I arrived early.  I headed to the post natal ward, greeted the midwives that were around and asked if there were any particular jobs that they really wanted me to do.  I wanted to make sure that I was doing exactly what they needed me doing, so that my time was most helpful.  They were most grateful that I was able to go around the bays and collect food trays as well as offering tea and coffee to the women.  It was a very similar experience to last week and I was able to meet more families, without intruding too much in their personal time/space.  I helped out with re-stocking hand dispensers and helped in the kitchen to clean.  I felt that I had made some contribution to the evening of the midwives and families that were staying at the post natal ward that evening.  I'll be back again next week to be as helpful again.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25/01/2011 - Volunteering Day 1

My first day volunteering was amazing.  I arrived at Poole Hospital's St Mary's Maternity unit promptly around 18.30, proudly wearing my burgundy NHS volunteers polo neck top and NHS ID lanyard.  I could see for myself that even though it was a post-natal ward, which is a lot quieter than the labour ward, there was still a lot for the midwives and other health professionals to be doing.  I didn't want to interrupt so I politely waited while someone in the office had a spare couple of minutes to let me know what they wanted me to be getting on with.  In that short space of time I was able to see the way that midwives interact with other health professionals.  Doctors where there prescribing medication and health and social care workers where there to help out too.  Everyone were being treated like equals and everyone worked just as hard as one another.  A midwife told me that I would be shown round and gave me a job to be getting on with while I waited, they were a little busy.

My first job, whilst I was waiting to be shown around, was to collect all the ladies dinner trays.  Although the ladies (or their husbands) are meant to take them back themselves a lot usually don't, so instead of the midwives wasting their time doing trivial things I went round and did it for them.  I felt pleased that I was able to do something small to make their evening a little bit easier.  I really enjoyed walking around and meeting the different women, most who had only given birth hours earlier.  I was polite and respectable and wary in case my presence was unwelcome, but most appreciated that little bit of help.  I talked to a couple of ladies.  One had had a cesarean section, unplanned and was a little disappointed but relieved her daughter had been born successfully.

Once the trays had been collected one of the midwives said that someone would be with me shortly to show me around the ward, but as they didn't know when someone would be available and visiting hours had began, I could go around make tea or coffee for the ladies who wanted a drink.  I was wary again as I had already been around once, not to disrupt them too much.  I would ask each lady individually and walk back and forth from the kitchen with hot cups of tea and coffee.  Most were very appreciative.  I met a lot of different people, of different ages and from different cultures.  It was interesting to see many new parents get to grips with life with a new baby.  Some were horrified to see the contents of their baby's nappy and those changing boys were trying to think up ways of stopping him weeing while his nappy was off!

Half way through making refreshments a lady approached me and explained she would show me around.  She gave me a quick tour of the post natal ward.  Because I had been working there for half an hour already I had got to grips where most thing were already.  The ward consists of 3 private bays and 3 shared bays containing 4 beds in each.  Most were occupied.  There's a sluice room, store cupboard, toilets and showers, and a nursery room where the babies are weighed, washed and can sleep.  There was one baby in the nursery when we entered.  The little baby had downs syndrome and the mother is said to be coping very well.  The tour continued to the ante-natal ward and down the stairs into the labour ward.  The labour ward had two pool rooms and two theatres and many delivery rooms.  The atmosphere in the labour ward was a lot different to upstairs.  It was busy and bustling with people walking fast from one room to another.  This was very exciting.   I then went back to the post-natal ward to carry on with the tea rounds.

All the staff were very welcoming of me.  Everyone I met would say 'hi' and were welcoming of an extra hand.  I did a lot of washing up in the kitchen as well so that they didn't have to come and do it.  I also got asked to go and get things that were needed that the midwives didn't have time to get.  Plastic cups for the kitchen, I went to the ante-natal ward and picked some up from there.  One they way back through a new mother was being wheeled into the post-natal ward carrying her new born baby.  I carried on offering drinks to the remaining ladies, then went back though the beds to collect mugs and ask if they wanted another drink or their water jug filling.  In this time visitor had been coming in and it was lovely to see all the family congratulating the parents, there was a warm buzz in the ward during that time.

Although making tea and coffee may seem trivial, a lot of women were appreciative that they didn't have to get up and get it for themselves.  I was determined to finish the round and not leave anyone in my second round unseen to so I stayed an extra half and hour, finishing at 21.00 rather than 20.30.  This gave me the time to clear up nicely and leave the kitchen and the bays how they were before I had come.  I signed out in the office and thanked the midwife for being so welcoming and helpful.  She thanked me for my efforts and informed me that my help, however small it may seem to others, really helps them to get on with their important duties.  My job gives them one less thing to worry about.  I was very happy to have helped out and I re-assured her that I would be back again next week.  I can not wait!!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12/01/2011 - Volunteering Start Date

I have just come off the phone to Joy.  She has informed me that I will be volunteering in Poole Maternity Unit on Tuesdays from 18.30-20.30, helping in the postnatal ward, most likely during visiting hours.  On the 18th I will go in to collect my uniform and badge and to be shown around the unit and have explained my role.  I can't wait to start!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

08/12/2010 - Volunteering Induction

I arrived at Poole Hospital to attend a 4 1/2 hour induction course for volunteering.  I sat in on many lectures on key issues that may occur while working at the hospital...

Volunteering is to start in early January.  I am to wait to hear back from Joy as to when the start date will be.  It is still unclear as to which area I will be helping in but any experience will be invaluable and I feel the work I do will be just as rewarding which ever ward that I am placed in.

To be continued...

Thursday, 14 October 2010

14/10/2010 - Arrival Of Journals, British Journal Of Midwifery

This morning I received six issues of midwifery journals (BJM) from 2010.  This will enable me to read in depth about current research in midwifery and prepare me for life as a midwife.  I have only had a quick look through and have read a couple of articles and have been really interested in the content.  One particular article January 2010 - 'A student midwife's experience in the 21st century' by Lisa McTavish was particularly interesting as I was able to read about the experiences of a student midwife and help me to understand what to expect if I am accepted onto a course.  I plan to read these and learn from them as best as I can.

13/10/2010 - St. John Ambulance, Second Meeting

I was very eager to get to my second meeting at St. John Ambulance.  My previous experience was very positive and left me hungry to learn more.  I was pleased to find my second meeting was just as packed and just as interesting.  Tonight we were learning about the unconscious casualty, both breathing and non breathing.  In groups we were led into situations and had to demonstrate to our best ability the correct way to approach the situation and how to deal with it.  This activity really meant I was thrown in the deep end.  The more senior members were being assessed for their skills, thankfully I wasn't being assessed as I am only new to their unit but it gave me the opportunity to refresh and draw upon previous skills learnt through my appointed persons qualification training and apply it to the situation I found myself in...TO BE CONTINUED...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

12/10/2010 - Volunteering Interview

Yesterday I went for an Interview at Poole Hospital for Volunteering.  I was interviewed by Joy Janati.  She was a very welcoming lady and she was very easy to talk to.  I arrived not knowing what to expect but was relieved when I discovered it was just going to be an informal discussion.  We talked about what volunteering involves, both the pros and the con's, and went through paper work together.  Joy asked me about my future ambitions, to be a midwife, and asked me questions on what I thought my best qualities were.  I was told that it might be difficult to get a placement on their maternity unit right away and may have to work on other wards until I am needed.  Although observation experience in the maternity unit would be invaluable for me I did make it clear that I am able and willing to help out anywhere that I am needed, because at the end of the day, I am here to help out and I am happy to work where ever I am needed most rather than put somewhere I am not needed for the sake of my wants.

The paperwork for the CRB check will take around 4-6 weeks, therefore I will not be volunteering until then.  We discussed times and availability and she is going to hopefully fit me in on a Thursday morning and afternoon which I will do for at least six months.  I have come away from the interview more eager to start volunteering, I can not wait to start.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

07/10/10 - Waitrose Induction

This evening I had my induction for Waitrose.  I was with one other person who I had met once while I was waiting to have my second interview.  Firstly we were both give our Waitrose uniform which we were to change into before we did anything else.  My uniform consists of a white shirt, a green tie, a knee length skirt, an apron and a hat (as I am going to be working on the counters).  Once dressed, together we were shown around the whole store.  Important things like fire doors and safety were pointed out.  There was a lot of information to take in.  We were able to ask questions and had them answered to us.  In our break we began talking to other partners, I met Carla, she works on the counters and will be the person who will train me.  We then had to complete our legal training which was fire safety and health and safety.  This was done on the computers and consisted of watching videos and answering questions.  Once you had answered all questions correctly you had then passed the training for this year.  Every year I will have to refresh this training.  This was only a small part of my training and will have to complete more at a later date.  We didn't finish until late but I arrived home full of enthusiasm.  I will be starting next week, Thursday 14 October, for my evening shift and from then every Saturday and Thursday.  I am excited to be starting something new.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

06/10/10 - First St. John Meeting

This evening I participated in my first session at St. John Ambulance (the Christchurch Unit).  It is held at Christchurch fire station and is the adult group.

I arrived at the station unknowing what to expect from the evening.  I introduced myself to the rest of the group but I think it is going to take me a while to remember every ones names!!  I did get to know Emily, she is 28 and doing a foundation course so that she can become a paramedic, and Diana who has just joined the adults' St.John from Cadet level.

Firstly the group leader, Bill, discussed upcoming events that us, as volunteers, would be needed for.  As I have just joined I am unable to attend events occurring very soon and need to have shown a suitable level of first aid knowledge and skill before I can help.  The list of activities was varying and I can not  wait to become involved in helping out.

We then went on to training.  The topic of this session was minor and major cuts.  He talked through with us the ways to distinguish if someone has hurt themselves (by talking, looking and feeling) this also can also alert you to any dangers and by looking at how wide, deep and how much blood (and the flow of blood) to see whether it is a major or minor cut. He said the most important thing, other than bleeding, is infection; use gloves to prevent you getting infected and to prevent your bacteria infecting the patient. One way to clean a wound is by using water, never use antiseptic wipes. He showed us how to dress a wound using medicated bandages.

Then in pairs, I was with Diana, we practiced how we would apply a bandage to someone with an injured arm.  I practiced as if it was a real incident and treated Diana as if she was a real patient.  I talked to her, asked how it had happened, and asked her if she had any other pain.  The only problem was her arm and I asked her to apply pressure to her arm and keep it raised until I had appropriate kit.  I got out the small bandage, suitable for holding half a pint of blood, and placed the pad over the bleed and asked if the patient could re-apply the pressure over the pad.  I then used the long roll of the bandage and sealed off both ends by having a 2cm overlap onto the skin.  I asked the patient to remove the pressure as I bandaged over the top of the wound.  Once it was suitably covered I tied both ends of the bandage together on the top of the wound using a reef knot. When using a bandage circulation may be restricted so it is important to check immediately after applying the bandage and then every 10 minutes after.  Do this by squeezing the nail or pinching the skin after the wound to check the skin turns from pink to white back to pink again.  Also by listening to the patient you can get an idea if the circulation is poor, finger tingle.  I completed this task well and was eager for the next.

We then looked at cuts with foreign bodies.  As an example on person wore a pretend wound with a glass shard protruding out of the wound. I practiced on one of the male group organisers, he was helpful because as I was doing it he gave me invaluable tips on how to improve.  I started by reassuring the patient and asking the patient to pinch the wound either side of the glass to try to stem the bleeding.  Then using a small bandage, creating a bridge place it over the foreign body and I asked to patient to re-pinch over the bandage. I can then either put the dangling bandage ends on the patients lap or in their hand, this prevents it falling onto the floor, getting dirty and spreading infection.  Then using two other bandages, still rolled, place one either side of the object.  This keeps the object in place and creates pressure without pushing the object further into the skin.  Using the long bandage seal off both ends of the wound, making sure you do not go on top of the wound, pushing the object further into the skin. I made sure that I tied it tight enough as having it too lose would make the care useless as it wouldn't be helping the bleed. I was instructed to tie the bandage off, in a reef knot again, this time underneath or on the side of the wound, never on the top. Again, once complete, check circulation every 10 minutes. He was very happy with my attempt.

The final thing we covered was using a sling.  Bill talked about how to use every day items such as jumpers and scarves to make slings if a real one isn't available and also went through how to use a real one.  I practiced on Emily.  Using a triangle pad I opened it up and held the long end head to toe, the corner of the triangle at the patients wounded arm.  This is the correct start point.  Tucking the top end of the bandage under the fingers and moving down the arm tucking part of the bandage under to create a tunnel for the arm to sit in.  when I reached the elbow I twisted the end to tighten and re-enforce the tunnel.  I then pulled the remaining sling around her back, under her shoulder blades for best support, and tie the sling (making sure it is secure enough) on the shoulder in a reef knot. The circulation test is also important with this.

I have learnt a lot from this evenings meeting and I am very excited for next time.  I have some forms to fill in and have a compulsory CRB check, but once that is completed I will officially be a St.John Ambulance Volunteer.

04/10/10 - UCAS Application Sent!

I have just sent off my UCAS application in hope to study Midwifery at University.  Midwifery is something that I am very passionate about so I really hope that I get accepted onto a course.  All I can do now is wait in hope that I get an interview and prepare as best I can for them.

Friday, 1 October 2010

01/10/10 - St. Johns Ambulance involvment

Having received information from my local centre (Christchurch) I have contacted Sarah Bagshaw to confirm my attendance.  I will start my volunteering work by attending weekly Wednesday meetings where I will be learning first aid and how to my new found skills to good use.  Soon I shall be helping out at events and I can not wait!

01/10/10 - Volunteering Interview Arranged

Having spoken directly with Joy Janati at Poole Hospital I now have an interview arranged for the 12 October 2010.  I am looking forward to the interview and very much hope to be successful.

Friday, 24 September 2010

24/09/10 - Success with Waitrose

Having taken part in two separate interviews, one two hour group interview and an individual one to one interview with the manager, I am extremely happy to have received a letter offering me the job of supermarket assistant in food service. I have rang up and confirmed my acceptance and have my induction on Thursday 12 October, to begin work on the 19th.

I will be working on the food counters offering quality product to the public.  I will be dealing with customers which gives me the opportunity to further develop my communication skills.  I am really looking forward to becoming part of the team and seeing how this new role will benefit me as a person.

Monday, 20 September 2010

20/09/10 - Waitrose 2nd Interview

I arrived for this interview feeling quite confident.  Being successful in the group interview meant that I felt prepared and confident that I would make a good impression in my second.  The food service manager was who was interviewing me and although I know that some candidates weren't interviewed in the conventional way, I however was.  I was shown into a small room where I was asked questions.  I felt comfortable in the situation and was at ease with my interviewer.  The interview felt more like a conversation between the two of us.  She still asked the usual interview questions, such as 'why do you want to work for Waitrose?' and 'what skills can you bring?' but as I was passionate about getting the job and about the values Waitrose hold, such as only selling free range eggs and supporting British farmers, I was able to answer them without any problems.  I had the opportunity to ask questions, and I did have a few that I had written down before the interview.  I left the interview feeling very pleased with how it all went and felt that I had portrayed myself in a professionals and polite manner.  I really hope that I get the job, I do have a very good feeling about it.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

16/09/2010 - Waitrose Interview

today i had my group interview for a job at my local Waitrose store. I was quite nervous as i was unsure what to expect but as soon as i met everyone i actually quite enjoyed it. I am glad to have experienced this interview as it will help prepare me for any future interviews that i may have. i an pleased to have received confirmation that i have been selected for the next stage, a one to one interview. fingers crossed that all goes well and that i get the job.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

15/09/10 - Invited To Awards Event For The County Recognition Certificate

As part of the Duke Of Edinburgh award scheme I have been invited to an awards ceremony to receive another award, the County Recognition Certificate.  The event is being held on Sunday 26th September at Lulworth Castle.  Unfortunately due to prior arrangements I am unable to attend to accept the award.  I hope that this is something that will arrive through the post.

Friday, 10 September 2010

10/09/2010 - Response to Volunteering application

I have just received a letter from Joy Janati in response to my application for volunteering at Poole Hospital.  I have been give contact details to arrange a mutually convenient date for an interview and have done this through e-mail.  Unfortunately she is away for a while so the response may be delayed, but I am happy to wait.

I am very excited at the prospect of being able to volunteer and hope that I am successful at the interview.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

05/09/2010 - St Johns Ambulance interest registered

As I now have some spare time on my hands, being that I am on a gap year, I have decided to take up volunteering for St Johns Ambulance. This is a service that I have always been interested in but up until now have not had the opportunity to apply. I have registered my interest with them and am awaiting a response from my local center. I hope this will be a positive outcome and I am really looking forward to expanding my knowledge on first aid and put this to good use.

Friday, 3 September 2010

03/09/2010 - volunteering letter of application sent

I have just posted my application form for voluntary work at Poole Hospital. I have stated that I am available for one joint morning and afternoon a week and have specified a particular interest in working in the Maternity Unit. If I am not success in obtaining a place here then I have also stated my interest in helping at the Dorset Cancer Unit, in the Outpatients Department, working on wards and helping in the Children's Unit. I feel that any placement will be invaluable to my learning and will provide excellent clinical experience but at the same time being a great help to the staff working at Poole Hospital. I am awaiting an interview for this and I am very excited to have the opportunity to volunteer at such a great hospital.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

02/09/2010 - Waitrose interview offered

After having completed my job application for a part-time position at Waitrose I have just received conformation of a group interview to be held on the 16th of September. I am quite nervous at the prospect of a two and a half hour interview but I am excited to have the opportunity to prove myself worthy of the job. I really hope that I do well in the interview as I really would like to be a part of such a highly valued store.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

19/08/2010 - A-Level Results

I have just received my results for my A-Levels. I am very proud to have achieved:

Biology - A
Fine Art - A
Performance Studies - B.  Even though I was only 0.25% off an A!

These go along side my AS level certification and other achievements

Photography - B
Key Skills level 3 - PASS

All the hard work over the last two years has really paid off and I am excited to see what doors this opens for me in the future.

I am really happy :)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

08/07/10 - 16/07/10 - Turkey Holiday

My family holiday to Turkey was beautiful.  I feel so lucky to have had the chance to experience another culture with the people who I am closet to...TO BE CONTINUED...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

06/07/10 - Cooking Success!

Me holding my
freshly made pasta
As I have a huge love for cooking, I thought it would be lovely to try something new.  I had never made my own pasta until today.  A month or so ago I bought myself a pasta making book and with the excuse of my sister Zoe's degree results (1st honours!) I decided I would test my culinary abilities.  I made the pasta from scratch using flour, eggs and a little olive oil.  I kneaded the dough by hand and rolled out the dough using a rolling pin (as I do not own a pasta maker which rolls it out for you).  I made an Italian sauce using tomatoes, herbs, olives and vegetables to go with it and my family loved it! It was an experience and I will be definitely be making it step making my own bread!

Monday, 5 July 2010

03/07/10 - 04/07/10 - Nursing Resedential Conference Nottingham

Arriving at Nottingham University on my own was a very new experience. It felt similar to my very first day at college. I knew nobody but by being surrounded by like minded people, it was really easy to socialise. I was placed in the Cavendish Hall (number 23) where I would spend the night as a true student! The 20-30 minute walk from the hall to the lecture theatre proved a great opportunity to get to know my new colleagues. I met Jasmine, an aspiring Adult Nurse and Emily an aspiring Mental Health Nurse. The lectures were really inspiring...TO BE CONTINUED...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

22/06/10 - Midwifery Taster Day London

Through the London Taster Course Programme I applied for a place on the 'Bringing Midwifery To Life' taster day at City University London.  At first due to the high demand I was put onto a waiting list.  I was thrilled when a month later I discovered I had gained a place on the course.  I travelled to London and attended the course independently; this allowed me to meet new people and as most people were in the same situation we all got on well.

The first activity involved getting to know each other.  Moving around the room asking questions about each others personal lives in order to tell the rest of the group.

Through the course I met Stephanie Rout, also an aspiring midwife...TO BE CONTINUED...

Friday, 18 June 2010

18/06/10 - Bournemouth Hospital work experience reply

I have just received a reply from Bournemouth Hospital in response to my work experience letter.  I have applied to Bournemouth for work experience in the Maternity Unit three times over the past five years, hoping that as I got older it would make it easier for me to obtain work experience with them.  Unfortunately I was unsuccessful as the unit is quite small and places are reserved for student midwives and paramedics.  I have not been set back by this and instead feel eager to apply for bigger hospitals.  I plan to apply to Poole in hope I can gain experience there instead.

Friday, 4 December 2009

03/12/2009 - Christmas Elf Volunteering

Christmas is an important time for children and their families.  When I was asked to volunteer to take part in the Christchurch Christmas Lights Switch on I was delighted to take part...TO BE CONTINUED...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

22/09/2009 - Duke Of Edinburgh Award

Today I have received my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.  For this award I partook in 4 sections: service to the community, skills, physical and the expedition which where carried out over my final year at school (2007-2008)

Service to the community - For this section I took the opportunity to learn first aid so that if the opportunity arises I know how to and treat someone effectively.

Skills - Christchurch Youth Theatre Project on Sexual Health and Teen Relationships. In February 2008 I joined the Christchurch Youth Theatre, a new group of young people working together to create a piece of educational theatre to show at youth theatres and schools.  It began by devising ideas and creating a story line.  We decided that currently there are many issues surrounding sexual health with the youths' today and many people are not aware of the dangers.  We believed that through drama we could connect to our peers on a level that some adults haven't achieved through lessons at school etc.  We secured funding from the national lottery scheme, which took a lot of work, so that we could buy props, costumes and hire vans and halls.  To ensure we had our facts right we spoke to nurses (general and sexual health nurse) and did a lot of research.  In the end we devised and rehearsed and eventually performed our piece of theatre 'Concequences'.  The plot focuses on a party, involving many realistic characters that many people could relate to, where people get drunk and two teenagers end up having un-protected sex.  We take a look at vulnerable people who lie about their sexual experience and show how friendships can be tested at hard times.  There is a lot of information about STI's and treatments through the clinic scenes and also some comedy moments to give the piece a light hearted feel so the audience don't feel as though they are being lectured.  I really enjoyed being a part of this and feel great to have hopefully made a difference to young people in my area.

Physical - I took up a new sport, badminton, in school for this section.  Having only played a few times previously it was a great opportunity to learn the skills involved.  I met new people through my badminton classes and became confident playing double matches with them.  Natalie, one of my badminton colleagues, was someone I got to know very well and we would often pair up for matches together.  At one particular tournament together we won 2 out of the three double matches; we also took part in single matches. Once I had become confident enough with how to play, some of the group and myself were asked to become mentors for the newer additions to the group and help with classes for younger students.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning this as a new sport and even though it is something that sadly I have not continued with, is something that I would like to take up again in the future.

Expedition - Walking is something that I really enjoy doing, especially on planned routes in my local area.  Our expedition weekend was around the Perbecks.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

21/08/08 - GCSE's Results

Today has been amazing.  Arriving at my school I was very nervous, as was many of my friends.  I did not know what to expect from my results and I didn't want to get my hopes up too much.  I had worked so so hard over the past two years for my GCSE's and very much wanted the grades to reflect my efforts.

Opening the envelope I was really nervous but amazed at what I saw.  I was in my own little bubble; just so proud of myself.  My results were fantastic.

English Language - A      English Literature - A
Mathematics - A             Sociology - A
Fine Art - A                    Food Technology - A*
Child development - A     Religious Studies - A* 
Drama - B

Having taken Science a year early and received my results in 2007 these weren't on my results list.  I did however achieve:

Early entry Double Science - AA

Thursday, 10 April 2008

10/04/08 - Appointed Persons and Emergency Life Support Award

As part of my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award I participated in 6 hours of training in first aid.  We covered topics such as burns, bleeding, choking, shock, heart attack, eye injury, resuscitation, treatment of an unconscious casualty etc.  I took part in the test which you are required to complete to receive a qualification.  There were several parts to the test.  There was a written task, completing questions on basic knowledge of first aid, working on the Annie dolls to demonstrate successful approach to an injured citizen and show CPR, and walking into a unknown scenario, finding out what is wrong and showing initiative of how to deal with the injuries that are presented to you. 

Through this I have received certification for the following:
- Appointed Persons 10 April 2008 - Valid for 3 years
- Emergency Life Support 10 April 2008 Heartstart UK

Saturday, 21 April 2007

20/04/07 - 'Career In Midwifery' Day at Bournemouth University

My interest in Midwifery has always been strong. Today however it has increased a whole lot more. The school had organised a trip for other prospective midwives and I to go to Bournemouth University to learn more about the job through it's taster day. I was really excited. This has been my first visit to a University and already I am getting excited about applying. We were met by a lecturer who talked to us about the course. We watched a video about the role of a midwife and I took particular interest in a woman's water birth.  I remember feeling surprised and saddened and a little insulted by the horrified and disgusted reactions of some of the people around me, how can birth be disgusting, yes it is messy and there is a lot of screaming but it is beautiful experience.  It is a miracle. 

My favourite part however was when they brought out their lifelike model teaching equipment. They had a model of the lower half a woman. This included her abdomen, legs that had been cut at the thigh and of course, the vagina.  This was their delivering model. The lecturer asked for volunteers in participating in delivering a baby through the model. I was warned that it hadn't been used in a while and wasn't well lubricated. The lecturer inserted the model baby into the abdomen and pushed the baby's head down into the vagina. I supported the head as by placing my hand over it as it moved down through the vagina and as it began to crown.  Once the head was born I was instructed to place my palms on either side of the baby's head, just below the ear and gently guiding the head down. As more of the baby emerged I was instructed to guide it upwards and eventually it was born. The model baby required a lot of force to make it through and I appreciate the hard work the woman has to go through during labour. Once the baby was born it was very hard to grip. I was worried that I would not be able to keep my grip onto it. I was assured that no matter the circumstance, I would never drop a baby, and I never intend to! The day has been exciting and interesting and have gained a lot more knowledge about Midwifery courses and the job of a midwife.

I was most interested in the Midwifery talks however the university also invited us to sit in on other presentations, in health and social care and the range of nursing courses.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

04/04/07 - First ever post

Well here I go with my first ever blog post. My intensions for this site is to log and record all the important and interesting moments that occur within my life. Events that have been exciting and challenging, events that have benefited others and events that I have learnt something new from. I am keed to maintain my blog as a record of my achievements and as a way of understanding the developments of my life.

Some of the events listed on this page have been backdated.  I have kept a small diary over recent years so events published are reletively fresh